The Sharks have been hitting it hard in the off season two nights a week at the Bullpen Fitness & MMA Training Center in EHT, NJ. Sharks Hooker, Pringles Lundburg and team orthopedic doctor Brian Sokalsky have been leading the sessions. The Sharks have been combining cross fit style workouts with High Intensity Interval training and tabata type sessions. Weights, sand bags, ropes, tractor tire, pylometric boxes, resistance bands, sleds and bodyweight movements are all incorporated each session. In addition, the Sharks have purchased to Rhino BullDog sleds for added fitness excitement, one for scrum pushing and one for a variety of movements (think overhead walking lunges!). The training session membership is included in the Sharks Rugby dues program. Just one of the added benefits of being a Shark Rugger.

The Sharks plan on being in extreme physical condition come opening day on March 18th vs Whitehorse RFC at our own home field.

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